Wine stains, especially red wine, can be removed if you follow the correct procedure. For clothing that can be laundered, mix 50ml colourless liquid dishwashing detergent, with 50 ml hydrogen peroxide. These cleansers must be used together, and the mixture should be fresh. 
Gently pour over the stain and allow it to sit as a pre-soak. Use a clean towel between the stain and the back of the garment to avoid the stain leeching through. Launder following care label instructions. 

Research shows that soda water will remove red wine stains. Hold the tablecloth over the sink, and pour soda water on the red wine stain. It will disappear. If wine stains get on carpeting, pour a little hydrogen peroxide on the stain. Allow to stand for a few minutes. With a spray bottle (mixture of half water and half of a good carpet cleaning shampoo, such as Bissell Fiber Cleansing Formula), mist the stain, and blot dry with a clean white cloth. This will work well even on white yacht carpeting.

1. Mix one teaspoon of a mild pH balanced liquid laundry detergent with a cup of lukewarm water
2. Blot
3. Mix one third cup of white household vinegar with two thirds cup of water
4. Blot
5. Mix one teaspoon of a mild pH balanced detergent with a cup of lukewarm water
6. Sponge with clean water
7. Blot

Note: Always test an inconspicuous area for colourfastness, etc. before treating the exposed area.