The following list of questions include many that have been used when interviewing candidates. These examples are provided to give you an idea of the sort of questions which might be put forward by Captains/Chief Stews/Owners. 

• Enthusiasm: Why are you interested in the position? Why should you be hired?
• Cooperation & Teamwork: What kind of working environment do you prefer? What kinds of people annoy you the most? Describe the most difficult person you have had to work with?
• Honesty & integrity: Have you ever been fired from a job? If so, why? 
• Personal attributes: What activities give you personal satisfaction? In the working environment do you feel you are most productive working on your own or in a group? Why? Would you describe yourself as reserved or outgoing? What are your strengths and weaknesses?
• References, what would your previous employer/supervisor describe as your 2 strongest and weakest points?
• Independence: Have you ever worked away from home out of your country of birth? Have you ever worked with people from different cultures? Do you tend to stick with a decision no matter what? How much supervision do you need? Are you prepared to live and work away from family, friends and home?
• Initiative and motivation: What kind of work related duties do you most like to perform? Least likes to perform? How do you handle stress and pressure? What are your career goals? What motivates you?

Interviewers also look at non-verbal cues:

• Posture
• PUNCTUALITY for interview
• Personal grooming and hygiene
• Presentation – correct and professional clothing, neat and clean hair, little make-up, no jewellery, not chewing gum, no fidgeting, not too sexy outfit, not smoking, not smelling of booze from the night before
• Preparation – did they bring a Crew Profile with them to interview?
• Respect – did they take their shoes off when they stepped on board, do they show respect to Captain, Chief Stew, Crew they meet, etc?
Attitude – are they friendly, positive, answering questions in a positive way, not saying unprofessional things about previous jobs or boats? Confidentiality and no negative comments about previous jobs and owners and crew
• Smile!! – a smile goes a long way
• Sense of humour – show a little bit of your fun side, but don’t be a clown trying to be funny the whole time!!
• Eye contact, confidence, but not overly arrogant
• Ability to listen to the questions being asked and answer honestly without waffling, fidgeting or without getting flustered