Need: Wheat Bran and vinegar
Be careful not to over-polish, softly rub on, clean paste off and dry with soft dry cloth.

GOLD VERMEIL: (gold plated cutlery):
Gold plated flatware is a set of eating utensils that are coated with real gold. Because of the plating, there is a risk of chipping when cleaning the flatware, so it can be hard to maintain. 

Instructions for Gold Vermeil:
1. Clean excess dirt and grime from the gold plated flatware with a soft cloth, mild dish soap and lukewarm water. Soak the flatware in warm to hot soapy water to loosen up difficult food deposits, but not for too long - just long enough for the dirt to lift off the surface. Be sure to get in between the tines of the forks, and to wash the entire surface of each piece of flatware right down to the handles. Only use soft sponges when doing guest dishes, nothing ABRASIVE SHOULD EVER BE USED!!

2. For stubborn spots, add a little lemon juice to your cloth and buff the flatware until the stains come out, but be sure to rinse off the flatware immediately with hot water and soap as the acid can eat through the gold plating if left on too long. Vinegar also works for this purpose.

3. Put a bit of baking soda on a damp, soft cloth and lightly rub each gold plated utensil until it is shiny and good as new. Do not scrub or rub because the baking soda is strong enough to remove the gold plating if it is worked in too much.

Tips & Warnings:
Wash your gold plated flatware immediately after use. Don't leave food and other items on the surfaces as they can eat away at the gold.

NEVER PUT IN THE DISHWASHER!!!! - EVER! Never use an abrasive sponge or Brillo pad or steel wool on gold plated flatware, as this can scratch the gold plating.