WD-40 Uses:

1. Protects silver from tarnishing.

2. Removes road tar and grime from cars.

3. Cleans and lubricates guitar strings.

4. Gives floor that 'just-waxed' sheen without making them slippery.

5. Restores and cleans chalkboards.

6. Removes lipstick stains.

7. Loosens stubborn zippers.

8. Untangles jewelry chains.

9. Removes stains from stainless steel sinks.

10. Removes dirt and grime from the barbecue grill.

11. Removes tomato stains from clothing.

12. Keeps glass shower doors free of water spots.

13. Camouflages scratches in ceramic and marble floors.

14. Keeps scissors working smoothly.

15. Lubricates noisy door hinges on both home and vehicles doors.

16. It removes that nasty tar and scuff marks from the kitchen flooring.

It doesn't seem to harm the finish and you won't have to scrub nearly as hard to get them off.

17. Lubricates tracks in sticking home windows and makes them easier to open.

18. Keeps rust from forming on saws and saw blades, and other tools.

19. Removes grease splatters from stove-tops.

20. Keeps bathroom mirror from fogging.

21. Removes all traces of duct tape.

22. It is great for removing crayon from walls. Spray it on the marks and wipe with a clean rag.

23. If you washed and dried a tube of lipstick with a load of laundry, saturate the lipstick spots with WD-40 and rewash. Presto! The lipstick is gone!


As for that Basic, Main Ingredient.......

Well.... it's FISH OIL....