- Remember that a stain is always cleaned inwards, never outwards, as it will spread the stain. Never rub suede too much, it will rub off the hair.

-  Cleaning Procedure for suede

1. Select the appropriate cleaner from the chart on back

2. Wet a small area of a clean terry cloth towel or a soft sponge with the cleaner and dab it onto the stain.

3. Blot up the cleaner and the stain with a clean cloth towel.

4. Repeat the dabbing and blotting as necessary. If the stain has been allowed to dry, it may take more than one application for the cleaner to dissolve the stain.

5. DO NOT RUB AGGRESSIVELY, let the cleaner dissolve the stain, and them wipe it up with a clean towel.

6. After using a soap solution or vinegar/water, follow by dabbing and blotting with cold water to remove residual soap or vinegar.