Blood:  One of the best removal tricks is to spit on it (yes it sounds gross!!).  Or:  Soak in water mixed with a few teaspoons salt.  Or:  add 1 teaspoon colourless dishwashing detergent to 1 teaspoon ammonia and 1 teaspoon water - apply the paste, let it sit on the item and wash as normal (do not use ammonia on delicate or coloured items).

Gum:  Freeze the clothing in the freezer for a while, the gum will harden and break off.

Ink:  Spray Elnette aerosol hairspray on the stain and run under cold water.  If stain not removed, repeat process.  Launder as per care label afterwards.

Coffee:  Mix 1/2 teaspoon vinegar with 2 cups cold water and sponge onto the coffee stain.  Repeat if necessary.  Wash as per care label.

Make-up:  Treat stain with rubbing alcohol and then use colourless dishwashing detergent and blot onto the make-up stain.  Wash as per care label.