Black Afternoon Teas:
• Coronation Tea
• Earl Grey Tea
• Lapsang souchong

Black Dinner Teas:
• Keemun
• Prince of Wales
• Kenya


Oolong is a Chinese term for “black dragon”. A blend of black and green teas, oolong was developed in the 19th century in Formosa (Taiwan). It possesses a less potent flavour than black tea, but a taste stronger than green tea. It has a somewhat peachy taste and a dark brown colour.

Lunch, afternoon or evening Oolong (not recommended for breakfast):
• Formosa Oolong
• Jasmine
• Russian Caravan


Rich in Vit C, green tea is a natural antioxidant that aids digestion. It is vegetable-like, with a bitter to sweet astringency. It is harmonious with Asian and sweet foods. Its colour is pale yellowish green, never dark green. It is taken plain with sugar or lemon. When lemon and sugar is added, the sugar is added first, otherwise the lemon will inhibit the dissolving of the sugar crystals.

Afternoon Green tea:
• Gunpowder
• Gyokuro
• Young byson