• A table cloth should always be 100% smooth when placed on the table. You must either take it to the laundry and iron before setting it on the table, or open the table cloth on the table, spray Febreze or Downy Wrinkle release on the surface and rub out creases with your hands (clean!!)
• If you are ironing a sheet or table cloth that might be touching a dirty floor, lay an old sheet or towel on the floor while ironing
• It is not advisable to store table cloths in plastic, as they trap moisture within and mildew can develop over time or change the colour of the table cloth
• It is handy to remove the table cloths from the tumble dryer when they are 99% dry and hang-dry on a hanger until totally dry. This will help with wrinkles.

Care and stain treatment:

• Treat table cloths on the dinner table directly after the guests left the table. Make sure that you place a tea towel underneath the stain (to protect the table) and spray/rub on stain treater. Take to laundry room as soon as possible to prevent the stain from setting.


• Placemats should be placed in a neat row, 1 inch from the side of the table.
• There should be a MINIMUM of 4 inches between each placemat.
• Never place placemats in the tumble dryer, they should be hang-dried (clipped to a wire hanger)
• Never wash silk placemats – they should be dry-cleaned


• Store napkins folded in a basic square in large ziploc bags (1 bag for each set). This way, you can remove each set as needed without making a mess in the napkin cupboard.
• Not all napkins can be tumble dried – check the care label!
• Make sure to stain treat napkins as soon as possible after a meal
• Napkins can be centred on the charger plate, on the left of the forks, on the bread plate, under the charger plate, in the centre of the plate, draped over a chair, but NEVER in the glass (glass can blow over in the wind and it is not hygienic)
• The 18 inch napkin is the easiest size to fold into decorative shapes
• For shape retention, spray water and spray starch mixture on napkins while ironing
• Heavy fabrics hold shape well and are suggested for vertical napkin folds
• Soft and lightweight napkins (or Damask) are better suited for use with napkin rings, they do not retain their folds so well when folded