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The STCW ​(​Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers) ​is essential and compulsory for those working offshore or on board any yacht in the industry.

  • Price: R8750 (increases to R9500 in 2024)
  • Duration: 11 days

Course Modules:

  • Marine Fire Fighting
  • Personal Survival Techniques (PST)
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibility (PSSR)
  • Proficiency in Dedicated Security Duties (PDSD)
  • Elementary Maritime First Aid.

    About STCW Training Courses

    STCW Basic Safety Training (STCW 2010) certificates are a requirement for virtually all professional seafarers, who must be trained in compliance with the STCW convention.

    The aim of the course is to give seafarers the essential education and training in Personal Survival Techniques, Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, Elementary First Aid and Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities, with an additional Proficiency in Security Awareness.

    • If you want to work on a yacht, commercial ships, cruise liner or virtually any other maritime environment, STCW certificates are mandatory and essential.
    • In most cases, you will need a STCW Basic Safety Training Certificate before you can apply for an offshore job.
    • If your STCW certificate is expired or older than 5 years you may require mandatory refresher training.

    About Super Yachting South Africa Deckhand Division

    Super Yachting South Africa’s Deckhand Training Division was created in 2008 by experienced Captain and SYSA co-founder, Jason Hunter and has grown to become one of the global leaders in superyacht training and the Academy holds Royal Yachting Association (RYA) accreditation.

    The experience amongst SYSA’s current team of instructors has never been at a higher and more dedicated level. Our team of instructors emanate from global experience and nationalities, with the highest-ranking maritime qualifications.

    The intent to prepare our students for their career ahead as well as mentor them over the next few years is both well established and at the very centre of SYSA’s operation and founding principles.

    We never compromise on the equipment, boats, jet-skis and motor yachts used for training. SYSA guarantees a commitment to excellence in training, mentorship and the necessary resources required to begin your journey into the world of super yachting.