Massage/Beauty Therapist Qualifications

As an additional qualification, some candidates choose to add Massage Training.  This will enable you to work as a Stew/Masseuse on board, which is mostly a 50/50 role on board (50% Steward/ess and 50% Masseuse).  Many yachts prefer to have a crew on board who can multi-task in various roles.

  • Massage Course – times and prices vary according to courses chosen
  • Price:  varying between R 1 000.00 and R 6 000.00
  • For more information, please contact


I am a qualified Masseuse/Beauty Therapist/ Hair Stylist/ Physiotherapist/ Yoga Instructor/ Personal Trainer – am I able to join the Yachting industry with this qualification?

Absolutely!  Stew/Masseuse/Beauty Therapists are a very precious commodity due to the extra skills they can provide to the owners and guests of the yachts.  However, additionally, we strongly advise that you also qualify yourself as a Steward/ess to better your chances at finding this very popular multi-tasking position on board.  Most of the time, you will be employed as a Steward/ess, as well as a Masseuse/Beauty Therapist/Hair Stylist/Personal Trainer/Physiotherapist, so you need to offer the extra skills of Steward/ess, because your job on board will often consist of both Steward/ess and Beauty Therapy services.