We focus on a long term commitment to our crew. From past experiences, we understand the difficulties of not only starting a career in the Maritime Industry but progressing as well. Once introduced to the exciting life on board Super Yachts, and making the decision to commit to it long-term, there is a regulated qualification process that needs to be followed to advance on board. We will constantly evaluate and monitor each individual’s position on board and assist them in achieving their next level of qualification.

For the Deck Department, for example, meeting the requirement for MCA/RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Qualification, or the MCA Officer of the Watch (OOW) Certification. Part of this process would be supplying our crew with Watchkeeping and Sea Service Templates, providing MCA Training Record Books and Confirmation Letters from Captains having observed Deck Crew in specific Watchkeeping and Senior Officer situations.

We constantly update our information regarding changes within the Industry. For example Sea service has now been separated into 5 categories: Onboard Yacht Service, Actual Sea Service, Stand-by Service, Yard Service & Watchkeeping Service. This needs to be documented on each vessel each deck crew member is employed on and is only one of the prerequisites.

For the Steward/esses, it is strongly advised that you pursue the newly introduced PYA GUEST programme structure and training (see for more information. Deck and Engineering Crew benefit from a clearly defined route to training and certification. However, there has been no such structure in existence for Interior crew – until now! PYA, the professional body for yacht crew, has spent years consulting with the yachting industry to establish a clear career path for interior crew. The result of this consultation has led to the creation of the GUEST © industry standard for Steward/esses.

The certification is modular in structure. Training objectives with syllabus outlines for each individual module are clearly defined. This ensures a unified, across the board, training dividend for each student. The Training Providers are monitored and audited by the PYA to ensure what is being taught is in fact what is called for in guidelines. There are 3 levels for development – Introduction, Operational and Head of Departments. Each of these levels has various modules included, as well as yacht service time and guest service time, which is recorded from the first day a Steward/ess starts his/her new career. SYSA now offers all 3 PYA Accredited modules on Introduction level.

After having viewed our website, we hope that it is apparent that our main focus is on assisting our crew in entering this amazing Industry. Furthermore, we would like to actively be involved in each crew member’s progression throughout their careers, through continued contact and assistance.

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