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Introduction“Don’t judge a person on their looks. True beauty is on the inside” said nobody in yachting. Ever. Sooner or later in your yachting career, you will be judged by your looks. My personal experience
This month, we delve into the challenges faced by South Africans seeking yacht jobs in the superyacht industry. We emphasize the immense importance of investing in the right courses, networking, perseverance, strategic planning, and proper
What is the cost of finding a job as a junior deckhand on a superyacht? The industry has seen a growing influx of ‘green’ crew looking to start an exciting career, travelling the world while
Ahoy, parents! Is your Son or Daughter ready to embark on an exhilarating superyacht career? Buckle up because we’re about to delve deep into the intricacies of nurturing this dream career.Imagine your son or daughter
In this article, we will answer some of the common questions that we get asked by people interested in pursuing an exciting career in the superyacht industry. For those of you dreaming of a life
The world of yachting is a thrilling, adventurous, and highly competitive industry. Whether you're a seasoned yachtie or a budding enthusiast, career progression is often at the forefront of your aspirations. The question is, how
As the 2024 Mediterranean superyacht season approaches, aspiring and seasoned crew members alike are gearing up for a busy and exciting time. The season typically runs from May to September, with peak season being from
SYSA is thrilled to announce the launch of our highly anticipated apprenticeship program, designed exclusively for former SYSA students who have completed a minimum of one season in the superyacht industry as crew. This initiative
Are you ready to take your yachting career to the next level? The superyacht industry demands excellence, and we're here to equip you with the skills that will set you apart. Introducing the SYSA Superyacht
When people envision the world of superyachts, they often picture extravagance, luxury, and opulence on the high seas. While these elements undoubtedly define the experience, there is much more to being a successful member of
The superyacht industry offers a captivating world of adventure and rewarding careers. Whether you have a passion for the sea, a knack for hospitality, or a desire to work in a dynamic and global industry,
Completing a superyacht training course can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also be a challenging one. Superyacht training courses require a high level of commitment and dedication, as well as strong

About Super Yachting South Africa Deckhand Division

Super Yachting South Africa’s Deckhand Training Division was created in 2008 by experienced Captain and SYSA co-founder, Jason Hunter and has grown to become one of the global leaders in superyacht training and the Academy holds Royal Yachting Association (RYA) accreditation.

The experience amongst SYSA’s current team of instructors has never been at a higher and more dedicated level. Our team of instructors emanate from global experience and nationalities, with the highest-ranking maritime qualifications.

The intent to prepare our students for their career ahead as well as mentor them over the next few years is both well established and at the very centre of SYSA’s operation and founding principles.

We never compromise on the equipment, boats, jet-skis and motor yachts used for training. SYSA guarantees a commitment to excellence in training, mentorship and the necessary resources required to begin your journey into the world of super yachting.

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