About Us

Longest running super yacht Steward/ess course in South Africa!

  • We believe in simulating real-life situations during all our training courses

Our mission Statement:

“To provide entry-level steward/esses super yacht training presented in a high-quality manner that is reasonably priced and delivered consistently in a clean, comfortable, well-maintained and attractive manner, staffed by friendly, attentive and highly qualified, efficient people.”

Who is Super Yachting South Africa?

Welcome to the exciting and luxurious World of Super Yachting. This career offers you the opportunity to be employed as crew members on board these exquisite multi-million Dollar Vessels. Hard work, the right qualifications, and a “can-do” attitude are essential prerequisites to meet the extremely high Service and Maritime Standards expected in this Industry.

Some of the numerous benefits include: travelling to the world’s most luxurious and exotic locations, earning foreign currency, while meeting some of the most famous and influential people in the world. Furthermore, the professional approach adopted within the Super Yachting Industry has created numerous possibilities for career advancement and opportunities for employment after yachting.

The Super Yacht industry is rapidly growing, resulting in a substantial increase in the amount of yachts being produced annually, a trend that has been continuing for the past 10 years. The latest statistics indicated from yacht builders worldwide, show an increase of 11% over the past year (for vessels over 24 meters). Simply put: If these new boats were lined up, it would extend for over 24 miles (39 kilometers)! This increase has created thousands of new jobs, and as a result, there is a shortage of qualified crew at all levels.

In this industry, the attention to detail, focus and professionalism of crew, are unparalleled to any other Maritime or sea-going working environment. Our motto at SYSA is simple… “PROFESSIONALS, COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE”.  We offer advice, training and guidance to aspiring new crew to achieve this standard.

We started the school in 2008 and through continuous research, some of our instructors still working on board yachts as freelance crew, attending Yacht Trade Shows overseas, we are able to provide the best and latest information possible on how to succeed and advance in the world of Super Yachting!  We only employ former and current super yacht experts as Instructors.

Our guarantee to you:

All our Instructors worked in the Super Yacht Industry for many years in the most senior positions on board and our information is up-to-date and applicable and will prepare you for a career in this highly competitive industry.






Calling all Green Steward/esses!

New to yachting? Come by and and introduce yourself 14th May 2019.

The IYC Crew Placement team is holding a round of speed interviews at the IYC Office in Monaco.

We have 5 slots per hour. It is on a first come, first serve basis.

Please email crew@iyc.com with the SUBJECT: Speed Interviews, 14th May. DO NOT attach CVs/documents in the emails.
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What a great way to start off a Monday!

"I just wanted to let you know that I got a job!! I was in France for about a week and went dockwalking as much as possible. One day, I had the worst day and only gave out one CV, but that one CV gave me my job, it was really the right time and place. I am working on a 34m motor yacht and I am the Solo Stewardess. For my first season it is really a lot of work and a lot of learning, but if it wasn’t for the Stewardess course, I would have been lost. I just wanted to thank you for all you have taught me and all the help, I will always remember it through my career. Kind Regards, Xia"
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Some Friday motivation... This is DETERMINATION!!


Everyone stop what you’re doing and take a moment to appreciate this small dog showing off his favourite sticks 🐶
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Must have (per request):
SYSA Stewardess Course
One or more season on yachts
FHS Level II


Housekeeping position
5:1 rotation
90m+ motor yacht

Med based and potentially heading over to Caribbean at the end of the year.

Please send CVs to:

Alyssa: alyssa.dehrmann@gmail.com
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