RYA Advanced Powerboat

This continues to build on the skills acquired from the Tender Operator’s Course, but now taking traditional navigation and combining it with new electronic navigation skills. Boat handling skills are taken to the highest possible levels and crew are taken through their paces with challenging alongside scenarios and long distance “no room for error’ passages along our formidable coast.

  • Price: R6000
  • Duration: 2 days

Upon completion of the Advanced exam, this license is an 80GT (80 Gross Tons), commercially endorsed ticket, which opens up more avenues for employment in the super yacht industry. Ideal for large/chase tender captains.

Superyacht Watersports Instructors Course

Imagine being the go-to watersports instructor on board a superyacht, guiding guests through thrilling activities and creating unforgettable experiences. SYSA is thrilled to partner with the renowned UK watersports guru Matt Crowhurst to offer this course. This course is tailored for individuals who are passionate about the superyacht industry, watersports, and delivering exceptional guest experiences. To participate, you should have a basic level of wakeboarding proficiency – comfortable getting up, riding, and crossing wakes.

  • Price: R12 000
  • Duration: 5 days

This 5-day intensive course is carefully designed to elevate your skills in two essential areas:

Boat Driving Development (2 days)

  • Improve boat handling skills on inboard vessels commonly seen on watersports-intensive super yachts.
  • Master the art of towing wakeboarders, tubers, waterskiers, and wake surfers.
  • Learn the nuances of launching, retrieving, and docking these vessels.
  • Understand the ballast set-up, pre-checks, and the use of various cruise control systems in watersports operations

Watersports Instructional Abilities (3 days)

  • Develop instructional skills tailored for wakeboard, waterski, and the popular wakesurf disciplines.
  • Gain hands-on experience in driving, instructing, and demonstrating.
  • Learn the safest, simplest, and most efficient techniques to help novices in watersports.
  • Engage in collaborative learning, sharing inputs and insights with peers to enhance the training experience.

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